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Stuart Gulliver, long standing Vandals RFC member and coach for the last twenty years including captaining our first team for three consecutive years, has started his own whisky brand, Samuel Gulliver.

Founding his business in Banbury, England in 1747, Samuel Gulliver took inspiration from his fictional ancestor and set off on his travels around the world. From the exotic Caribbean and Spice Islands to the more neighbourly British Isles, Samuel searched out the most highly skilled and experienced distillers to produce drinks of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. After 200 years Samuel's business was dissolved to be brought back to life by his 9th great grandson. Gulliver's 47 is a celebration of Samuel's adventures. Gulliver's 47 Bourbon Cask and Gulliver's 47 10-year-old Quarter Cask are fine peated English single malt whiskies distilled exclusively for Samuel Gulliver & Co. at The St. George's Distillery, Norfolk.  They are a perfect marriage of the best ingredients from the region; the purest water and the highest quality Concerto two-row local-grown barley malted at one of the country's oldest and finest master maltsters.  The Bourbon cask is then matured in whole, unbroken ex-Bourbon casks and the 10-year-old in ex-red wine quarter casks.

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